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Our website Fast Cash Loans Online, in common with other website also utilizes cookies. Cookies are small piece of information which gets collected in your computer hard drive while you browse our website. These data files are basically created by the web browser which you use to access our website. Information stored in cookies can be successfully retrieved during your next visit if you are using the same browser. Cookies fail to respond if a different web browser is used. We use cookies so that we can recognize you next time when you visit us.

Due to its small size, your computer can conveniently store cookies. These small data files will not cause any harm to your computer as these are not computer programs but are little packets of data. Cookies include information like unique identifier, site name etc.

Your overall experience at our website Fast Cash Loans Online is recorded in cookies. Thus cookies help us in customizing our website to fit your needs. With the help of cookies we can remember your preferences and learn how you used our website. Cookies which are used by us basically collect non personal information like IP address, browser type and language, access time, referral sites, site preferences, duration of your stay at our website, pages accessed by you from our website, other websites browsed by you later etc. In totality, cookies are important for us as these files make evaluation of our performance easy.

Without cookies, it is not possible for us to offer better user experience. It is due to cookies, you can navigate between pages of our website Fast Cash Loans Online efficiently. These files though small in size but help us to understand your interaction with our website. To analyze visitor traffic to our website, we are dependent on cookies. Based on the information collected by cookies, we can formulate our marketing strategies. You may rest assured that cookies will never access your personal details. Your identity will remain anonymous to cookies.

Use of cookies is 100% safe. However, if you wish you can block or delete cookies. You can do this through the cookie setting.

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